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Cold-hardy avocado breeding for the PNW

Seeking to find the hardiest Mexican-race avocado cultivars and landraces available, then interbreed them in a greenhouse and trial their seedlings in zones 8-9 in the Pacific NW.

Currently we have ~20 cultivars on multi-graft greenhouse trees, ~50 seedlings, and we are looking for new cultivars and volunteers to grow seedlings and grafted trees in this region. Cultivars that reliably produce hardy seedlings will be hand-crossed in our greenhouse to provide seeds for the project, and any seedlings that flourish will be grafted back onto the greenhouse trees to be included in the breeding pool. High mortality is expected initially, but hopefully as the project progresses that will decline in future years.

Researcher background
I have no formal horticultural training, but have spent the last three years reading avocado research papers, collecting and grafting specimens, collecting and germinating seeds, and visiting marginal areas where avocados are grown in backyard settings to learn what the greatest challenges will be in our cool & wet climate.
Are you seeking volunteer growers or other types of volunteers?
Yes, seeking volunteer growers
How many volunteers do you need?
What will you ask volunteers to do?
Volunteers who live in other marginal climates where avocados are occasionally grown will be asked to locate hardy specimens and provide cuttings. Volunteers in this region will be asked to plant seedlings or grafted trees and provide updates on their health periodically, as well as cuttings from any especially successful seedlings.
Is this a multi-year project?
Can volunteers expect to be able to keep some germplasm (seeds, bulbs, cuttings, spores, etc) at the close of the project?
Yes, of course
Researcher Location

United States